We take pride in our dedication to quality, precision, and innovation, and our commitment to these values shines through in everything we do. Join us for a virtual tour of our facility to witness our manufacturing processes first-hand.

ISO 29001:2020

Quality Defined: Our Non-Negotiable Standard

For us at Ideal Gear, quality is not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. Our commitment goes beyond just meeting expectations; it’s about setting new benchmarks. With cutting-edge technology, dedicated professionals, and a keen sense of dedication, we sculpt gears that define industry standards. It’s more than just machinery; it’s our unwavering pledge to deliver excellence in every rotation.

Pledge to our customers.

Tracing Back: A Century of Commitment

In 1919, a passion for precision led Herb Elfstrom, Sr. and Francis Smith to found Ideal Gear & Machine Works. Initially powering fishing vessels and steam tugboats, our scope expanded, adapting to the demands of a world at war. Over decades, as leadership evolved and embraced innovative visions, so did our commitment to quality. Today, nestled by the Fraser River, our 25,000 sq ft facility stands as a testament to a legacy built on reliability, innovation, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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The CMM Room: Precision Personified

Where measurements transform into an art. Our state-of-the-art CMM room, featuring the Mitutoyo CRYSTA APEX S 9168, exemplifies accuracy. Every inch of this machine, from its advanced capabilities to its vast range, is designed to ensure precision that leaves no room for error. With temperature control maintaining consistency and 2D reporting underscoring our commitment to transparency, we ensure that our clients witness quality in every dimension.

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Engineering Brilliance: Masters Behind the Machine

Behind every impeccable gear is a team of seasoned engineers whose passion and expertise set them apart. At Ideal Gear, our engineering maestros carry a collective experience spanning over a century. From understanding the nuances of various gear types to embracing the latest in gear manufacturing technologies, they’re the driving force behind our relentless pursuit of perfection. Each gear, each component, is a testimony to their dedication and our unwavering commitment to quality.

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