Our Promise

We believe in delivering exceptional value and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our commitment to building partnerships with our customers is reflected in everything we do. From precision component manufacturing to gear designing,

machining, and repairing, our focus is on delivering excellent customer service through reliability, commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing.

We are proud of what we do and who we do it for

Our Commitment to Partnerships

At Ideal Gear, we believe in building strong, long-lasting partnerships with our clients. We are dedicated to providing exceptional value and exceeding your expectations. Our vision is to be a leading world-class manufacturing company that delivers outstanding service. To achieve this, we focus on:

  • Developing strong supplier partnerships through communication and feedback.
  • Investing in the latest technologies and equipment for sustainable and responsible growth.
  • Fostering a culture of personal growth for our dedicated employees through education and training.
  • Delivering excellent customer service through reliability, commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing.

Customer Value and Service Excellence

Our goal is to continuously provide customer value and service excellence by:

  • Working closely with suppliers to deliver a quality product.
  • Utilizing our skilled workforce and advanced technology for enhanced operations, product quality, and on-time delivery.
  • Training and developing our employees to fully understand and meet customer requirements.
  • Providing a final product that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Quality Assurance and Performance

At Ideal Gear, we are fully committed to understanding and meeting the quality needs and expectations of all our clients. We have established a comprehensive quality assurance system that adheres to ISO 9001 standards. Our business system is guided by the following principles:

  • Quality is the responsibility of every employee.
  • Skilled workmanship and service excellence are paramount.
  • Products and services must be delivered on time and at the agreed-upon price.
  • Continuous improvement and training ensure world-class products and services.
  • Performance measurement drives corrective action and review.

Innovation, Versatility, and Expertise

Our commitment to innovation, versatility, and expertise sets us apart in the industry. As your go-to source for full-service gear solutions, we offer:

  • Gear designing, manufacturing, machining, and repairing for all types of mechanical power transmission gear drives.
  • Manufacturing processes that meet industry standards and custom designs with shorter lead times.
  • Modern and effective manufacturing facilities for precision component manufacturing.
  • Specialized equipment for new technologies, alternate energy, and demanding applications.
  • Expert analysis and advice from our highly experienced engineers.
  • Turnkey solutions and durable gears that exceed OEM specifications.


Working in a diversity of industries for over 100+ years, Ideal Gear has the experience and expertise to support any gear or gearbox across a wide range of machines and provide innovative solutions to our clients.
We strive to minimize risk factors while seizing opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement.

Our commitment to quality