We’re proud of what we do, and who we do it for.


Ideal Gear & Machine Works is a full service provider. We specialize in gear manufacturing, general machining and mechanical services.

Gear manufacturing

Ideal Gear & Machine Works can manufacture gears up to 3 meters in diameter and provide any style including spur, helical, straight bevel, spiral bevel, racks and sprockets. Our gears are created precisely to your specification to ensure that they will work where they need to be placed. With state-of-the-art technology and our team’s expertise we maintain the highest quality control and quality assurance to meet all the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 and ISO/TS 29001.

Gear design

At times you may need gears customized specifically for your custom application. We have years of experience custom designing gears for a wide variety of industries. We will work closely with you to understand the gear’s purpose and application so we can design the highest quality gear possible.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is the ultimate in problem solving. If you are missing original specifications and drawings, we can find the solutions. Without the original engineering documentation gearboxes and components will need to be reverse engineered. Our engineering team does an analytical assessment to ensure that the final product meets or exceeds all the original design requirements. Many times there is room for improvement that we can take advantage of. During our process we will rebuild your machinery while improving its quality and life span.

Gear refurbishment

Over time teeth can become worn, structural integrity can be compromised, and wear and tear reduces gear effectiveness. For those with custom machinery it can be expensive to manufacture the new components needed. Before performing costly replacement, have your gears refurbished. Refurbishments bring new life to old gears. This cost effective solution allows you to get old machinery back up and running before you know it.

Gearbox assembly

Gearbox assembly, spin and load testing along with vibration analysis ensure that every gearbox has been repaired to the highest possible standards. Our staff has years of experience building a variety of gearboxes. Ideal Gear can assemble your gearbox in short time frames and ensure that it is functional and ready for use. Inexperienced assembly can result in damage and more setbacks. Get the job done right the first time and have peace of mind that your gearbox will function for its expected life.

Emergency gear repair

With production facilities running overtime an unexpected breakdown of a gearbox or machine can be expensive. Ideal Gear’s emergency repair can assess the damage, provide a comprehensive budget for repair, produce the new parts required, and reassemble the machinery. Before we complete our work we will test to make sure that everything works perfectly.

Technical support

Ideal Gear prides itself on the knowledge and experience that we have developed over our many years in business. We are here to work alongside your business and provide you the support that you require. Our team can provide you with:

  • Fast and accurate estimates
  • Engineering assessments
  • Effective solutions and costs
  • Research and development

For any questions that you may have, contact us at 604-952-4327 and let us know how we can help you.