We’re proud of what we do, and who we do it for.


In the steel industry precision is key. If the tools being used are not performing at their best it can result in products that do not meet customer expectations. Ideal Gear provides the same precision to our work as is needed in the equipment used.

Ideal Gear provides replacement parts and offers repair services for gearboxes and heavy equipment commonly used in the steel industry. At times this leads us to come up with new unique, and innovative solutions to problems.

We Work With

We have worked on a wide variety of equipment including:

  • Cooling tower reducers
  • Roll mill reducers
  • Winches and hoists
  • Gearbox drives
  • Power Transmissions

Tangible Cost Analysis

To overcome unique problems we provide a cost analysis and data to help you make informed decisions about the equipment and machinery used in your plant. Our recommendations are supported by years of experience and understanding of industry standards.