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Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is moving day and night, responsible for powering our daily lives throughout the world. To help you run at optimal productivity we provide innovative technical support and fast solutions.

High-powered pumps pull the oil from the earth and large refineries convert it to the resources that we use each day. Failures at any step in this process can be extremely costly. Ideal Gear understands the pressure and competitiveness that face the industry each day. Because of this we make ourselves available for emergency repair and technical support. We provide accurate cost analysis, budgets, and engineering assessments.

Technical Support

With the diversity of machines used in the oil and gas industry, in-depth knowledge of the technical specifications, quality standards, and practical applications of each device is required. When issues arise, Ideal Gear makes itself available to provide fast, reliably solutions to get your operations moving quickly again. We will inspect your equipment, provide a comprehensive analysis, and offer innovative solutions. Budgets and estimates are supplied to help you make the most educated decision possible to benefit your operations.

We Work With

As part of our service and repair we work with:

  • High speed gear drives
  • Power transmissions
  • Turbo compressors
  • Pump drives
  • Mud pumps
  • Pump jacks
  • Top drives
  • Draw works

Have peace of mind and rely on the experience that Ideal Gear has earned since 1919.