We’re proud of what we do, and who we do it for.

Mining and Aggregate

Whether it is a coal, copper or a gold mine, workers use machines with many moving parts that are critical to mining operations. Our capabilities and experience allows us to provide support for a wide range of mining applications and contribute innovate solutions.

The mining industry needs reliable equipment that operates in the harshest environments. Many different types of heavy-duty equipment are used in mining applications to extract and obtain valuable resources. Ideal Gear’s precision and quality in gearing, refurbishment, and repair allows us to provide the performance and efficiency you expect at a fraction of the cost.

We Work With

As part of our work we provide regular and expedited repair and refurbishment to:

  • Power transmissions
  • Swing transmissions
  • Propel transmissions
  • Hoist transmissions
  • Tumbler drives

Proper inspection allows us to determine the condition of existing gears from teeth wear to integrity. Improving existing gear design can provide increases in power and torque to drives and transmissions.

Quality Manufacturing

With our high quality of control and knowledge we are able to design, manufacture, and refurbish a wide range of gears that meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications. Ideal Gear’s experts are knowledgeable about the qualifications and standards of the machinery and what is required. We test our work thoroughly to ensure that you receive the highest efficiency out of the final product.

Our goal is not only to keep your machines and operations moving, but also to exceed your expectation. We have been in business since 1919 and our many decades of experience helps us understand how to best serve our clients’ needs.