We’re proud of what we do, and who we do it for.

Cranes and Hoists

Performance in cranes is critical to getting a job done safely and efficiently. Ideal Gear’s history allows us to provide the highest quality repair and maintenance to cranes and hoists.

When lifting heavy equipment and machinery day after day, cranes and hoists can experience a significant amount of wear. Gearboxes and cables drums require maintenance in order to continue to function safely. Compromised gears can lead to safety hazards and serious accidents.

Maintenance & Repair

Your cranes support thousands of pounds each day. Safely moving equipment takes precision and control. When we refurbish your equipment we can identify the critical areas for improvement. A well-designed gear can provide more torque and power that is vital to your operations.

Our solutions are not only innovative but also fast. We pride ourselves in doing the work faster than our competitors while still maintaining quality and exceeding your expectations.

We Work With

While working for many industries for many years we have experience with a wide range of parts including:

  • Wheels
  • Motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Cable Drums